What to Watch – November 2017

What to Watch – November 2017

November is nearly among us. Clocks have gone back which means our days are shorter. This gives us a guilt free pass to watch as much television as we like.

There’s hundreds of shows airing over the next month, I’ve picked out a few that stood out to me.


A United States Army base serves as home to an elite unit of helicopter pilots trained to perform clandestine international and domestic missions. Basically it’s the CW’s take on the army – this means that you’ll be unlikely to see any of the girls heading out to battle without a full face of makeup and a fantastic blowdry.

Airing – September 1st on Netflix.

Should you watch – The ratings and reviews for this in the US have been awful so I’d be shocked if this lasts past the first season. Setting that aside though the trailer for it isn’t the worst, a bit silly but i’d be tempted to give it a go. It may not be that bad and again, it’s from the CW so you can at least be guaranteed that there’ll be some decent eye candy for everyone to enjoy.


This is going into it’s third year. It’s about a woman who showed up in Times Square covered in tattoos, an FBI team that study those tattoos and the various adventures that they find themselves in as a result of the tattoos. It’s also not a comedy.

Airing – 6th November – 10pm on Sky Living

Should You Watch – Hells Yeah. I love this show. Despite being ridiculous at the best of times and taking itself far too seriously it can be very endearing. Plus Romeo from Home and Away appears as the tattooed lady’s brother and he is looking mighty fine so there’s that.

Sick Note

Rupert Grint stars as Daniel Glass, a man who is misdiagnosed with a fatal disease. After noticing how everyone begins to treat him better, he can’t be bothered with telling the truth. It’s an interesting idea and the trailer looks funny. If anyone watched Ordinary Lies I’d say it’s very similar to that.

Airing – 7th November – 10pm on Sky One.

Should You Watch – Definitely. The cast is really good and it looks like it’ll be very funny. On a side note Sky has already commissioned a second series with Lindsey Lohan set to appear in it.

The Sinner

Based on the novel of the same name, the series follows the events that happen after a young mother (played by Jessica Biel) kills someone in public but has no idea why she did so. Bill Pullman plays her psychologist.

Airing – 7th November on Netflix

Should You Watch – It looks really interesting. Slightly depressing but the trailer has me hooked. I haven’t read the book but I’ve a feeling I know why she killed him so I’m curious to see if my theory is right.

Grey’s Anatomy

The never-ending show kicks off it’s 14th season with the long lost sister of Owen (seriously, this show and long lost sisters) arriving into the hospital after a decade of being held in captivity. As if that’s not enough said long lost sister also happens to be the long lost wife of Meredith’s beau (and poor McDreamy replacement) Riggs.

Airing – 8th November – 9pm on Sky Living

Should You Watch – Of course, it’s Grey’s. Everyone should watch Grey’s. I’ve watched this show on/off since I was 17. It’s addictive. Even when it’s been bad, it’s still been good.


The season focuses on the new direction of Olivia Pope’s crisis management firm, which is now headlined by Quinn Perkins, as well as staff at the White House in Washington, D.C. The final season of the show promises to end it’s all it’s various stories on a high.

Airing – 15th November – 9pm on Sky Living.

Should You Watch – in a word, meh. I watched it years ago but I just find it so over the top. It has everyone spouting out really long self indulgent monologues which is a trait I hate in any show (Billions, I’m looking at you). In short, it’s boring. However if you’ve watched it up until now and given it’s the final year of it, then who am I to stop you.

The Punisher

I think the title says it all really. Based on the comic book of the same name the story revolves around vigilante Frank Castle who by the looks of things beats the crap out of everyone around him in order to avenge the deaths of his family. I’m sure there’s probably more to it then that.

Airing – 17th November on Netlix

Should You Watch – I most likely won’t. I love Jon Berthal but I don’t enjoy shows that are all about the violence and guns. This appears to be all that’s happening here.


Cook from Skins, Lady Mary from Downton and Harry of Dumb and Dumber team up in this drama about a town ruled by women and the antics of the men who end up there (couldn’t find an actual summary so I’m just going by what was on the trailer).

Airing – 22nd November on Netflix

Should You Watch – Your guess is as good as mine. It’s only seven episodes so I’ll tune in.

Chicago Med

A spin off of Chicago Fire, I couldn’t actually find a trailer for the 3rd season but I did find a clip of the last few minutes of the finale. I suppose the big episode is will the guy from Beethoven, Dr. Charles survive.

Airing – 26th November

Should You Watch – if, like me, you enjoy the Chicago franchise (PD and Fire) then you should as you’ll appreciate the characters from those shows popping up from time to time. The show is a little corny at times but makes for nice easy viewing.


So there you have it, TV sorted for the month. If you feel I’ve missed anything or have a suggestion for December’s post please email me or sound off in the comments.




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