Welcome Back Me!

Welcome Back Me!

So welcome back me… for anyone who didn’t notice I took a little sabbatical from the oul blogging in order to you know.. get married.

Obviously I didn’t plan to abandon the blog for so long but you know, life gets in the way and all that. I’ve had such an amazing time these past few weeks – what from becoming permanently hitched to himself to trotting through America on our honeymoon (we went to 3 places but whatevs, I feel very worldly now) – it’s been one heck of a roller-coaster and it’s hard to believe that it’s all over.

But alas, it is.

It’s back to work tomorrow, back to reality. No more wedding planning. Just the good old grind of working through the week and living for the weekend (for naps and brunch purposes only – I’m not going to kid you kidders into thinking I’m some sort of hard party gal). A lot of people said to me on the day of our wedding – “god you won’t know what to do with yourself now that it’s all over” or “sure what will ye even chat about now it’s done”….

Em anything else, maybe?

Truth is, so many people expect the bride to be devastated once it’s all done and dusted – no more planning, wedding chat, organization… – and maybe they’re right, some couples probably feel a massive come down. Do you know how I felt though? Relieved… simply because no more planning, wedding chat or organization.

Don’t get me wrong I loved planning the wedding to a certain point. It’s a wonderful novelty and god knows someone has to do it (himself certainly wasn’t going to if examples A and B were anything to go by). However, you do reach a point roughly around the 3 week countdown where you just want to drop everything and elope… or sometimes even call the whole thing off (kidding!!… sort of…. no I promise I’m messing).


Anyways… I’m finally free. Free to spend my weekends however I please – no more dress fittings, budget excel sheets or wedding related money stress. I can go back to eating everything around me because best of all no more wedding diet. Now I’ll probably keep doing the running and Pilates because I grew to really enjoy both. Just now I can do them minus the stress of trying to fit it all in among everything else I was doing in the weeks up to the big day (and let me tell you that was a lot).

I can also get back to the blog – and by extension the odd snapchat here and there. At the wedding lots of people told me how much they love ripping the piss watching and listening to all that I have to say on a daily basis so wouldn’t want to let the fans down. Just not sure what I’d talk about now as my chats were mainly wedding related rants.

Having said all of the above, I’m still not ready to let the wedding go (maybe this is my coping mechanism) so on the blog front – I’ve decided that besides the usual topics I enjoy posting about I’m also going to do some more wedding related pieces – mainly about all the suppliers I used. One of the aspects I’m most grateful for about our day is that I was lucky in that everyone we used was amazing and really came through for us – the dress, makeup and hair, our fabulous photographers and videographer, the stunning decor and of course our fabulous venue – everything went smoothly and that’s in huge part thanks to all of them. It will be over the coming months though – you know me, don’t want to put myself under too much pressure.

So there you have it, that’s my plans for the coming weeks. Hope you’ll tune in to keep up with all the goings on. If you’ve time please subscribe so you can keep up with all my posts via email (look to the left). And who knows in between all the above maybe I’ll finally figure out how to make my site less aesthetically challenged…. that’s more of a long term goal though.


Above image was taken by a guest, the selfie was obviously taken by us however the featured image taken in the conservatory is by the fabulous Kevin Kheffache

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