Four to Follow – September 2017

Four to Follow – September 2017

As you may recall last month I gave a shout out to four bloggers  whose sites I had found and truly enjoyed within my first six weeks of blogging. I’ve decided to do the same again this month as I’ve continued to find fantastic writers in the Irish community who inspire and encourage me to continue on my blogging journey. Even when I really don’t want to…

As I’ve said before blogging itself can be a challenge. Not so much the writing or creation of a blog piece but more so getting people to actually read what you’re writing about. Times are constantly changing and technology is always evolving. Nowadays so many people are, to put it mildly, a little lazier. Getting them to click onto a link and read what I’ve put so much effort into – instead of just liking the picture or post – is a lot more challenging then I’d like to admit. Now it could be that I’m just boring or what I’m choosing to focus on actually just isn’t that interesting to people (I do often see friends and family’s attention trail off when I’m mid rant about whatever soap has annoyed me) so believe me, it could be just that. However my ego just isn’t ready to settle on this conclusion just yet and so I’ll keeping happily slugging away.

Discovering new blogs has been part of what keeps the enjoyment in doing this side project. When I say new blogs I don’t mean as new as mine of course, I simply mean sites that I hadn’t already come across previously. I also love sharing these sites to my readers because… well I’m generous like that.

While I’m still working away on finding my niche, these four bloggers below have found and excel at theirs. I’m sure many of you have already heard of the below sites and I’m just late to the game – however for those of you who haven’t…

Here are this months four to follow:

Gourmet Grazing – this is a food lovers site through and through. It boasts an excellent selection of restaurant reviews, an early bird series as well as some fantastic recipes. Anyone who’s watched my insta stories over the last few weeks will know all too well about my new obsession with courgetti bolognese. It’s super easy and quick to make. This site is a go to for gossip on the foodie scene. It’s also clearly a site that #chefshel can thrive on (I can actually hear himself’s eyes rolling into the back of his head at the mention of #chefshel).

Cardigan Jezebel – I only came across this one in the last two weeks as I was drawn to the kooky name. It’s become a favorite of mine to go to when in need of a little inspiration. As I’ve said before I love when bloggers leave tips for clueless other bloggers out there like myself who very often need a helping hand. This blog offers this as well as a wealth of knowledge in other areas such as lifestyle, travel, fashion and makeup etc.

Beauty and the Masseuse – this is the blog of a beauty and body therapist  who runs her own treatment room at The Tower Hotel, Waterford. Asides from the above she also blogs regularly about health and beauty, providing advice as well as excellent feedback on the latest beauty products out there at the moment. She did a piece on the benefits of facial steaming that I’m delighted I read and applied to my beauty regime in the run up to my wedding. For any brides out there that are trying to organize a simple skincare regime or for any folk out there in need of some beauty tips – this is the site to go to for help.

Squidgy Moments – A travel blog that I am delighted I found before we went on our honeymoon. This Irish site provides wonderful information on places to go to in Ireland as well as all over the world. The piece written on the Grand Canyon tour was especially beneficial as we’re heading to Las Vegas as part of our honeymoon and so need all the tips that we can get (we’ll be checking out the free stuff to do also as we’ll have most likely bankrupted ourselves at that stage of the trip). There’s also some great travel advice provided on the site to help you prepare for any upcoming or potential trips. The website is jam packed with tips and information on so many different places that I’d advise you to just head on over and search through it as there will be something there to benefit you no matter what type of trip you’re going on.

So there you have it, this months four to follow all rounded up. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

If you have any suggestions of who I should be following please feel free to sound off in the comments or to contact me directly. Same goes to anyone who has a blog that they’d like to have featured.




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