Food Review – Bijou

Food Review – Bijou

Well, tis that time of month again where I throw in a food review of one of the local eateries I’ve recently dined out in.

This months pick is Bijou, a restaurant located in the heart of Rathgar. Although this place has been on my radar for a few years now as I went there for my birthday a few years ago, it wasn’t until I moved to Rathmines and started enjoying grown up things like brunch and double dated dinners that I began to notice the benefits and all that it offers.

Here’s a quick rundown of my thoughts:

Food: Fabulous. It’s really tasty. Last time I was there I enjoyed the Poached Eggs Guacamole Spread coupled with a glass of champagne (we’d just had a wedding dress fitting so it seemed an appropriate way to both celebrate and pig out at the same time). No matter the time of day there’s a wide selection of foods to choose from and an impressive cocktail menu to slug away at while you wait for your meal of choice.

Price: Not cheap but definitely reasonable. This place always has a meal deal going on. Be it the early bird (2 courses for 22 or 3 for 26.95) or the brunch/lunch deal (2 Courses – €18.95 or 3 Courses – € 21.00).

Staff: Always quick, friendly and professional.

Disappointments: None that I’ve experienced. Certainly not with the food or service.

Ideal For: Lunch and brunch. I’ve been for dinner before also but my favorite time to be here is in the afternoon taking in the busy bustle of all the couples, families and friends around me. My goal is to come here for a Christmas or birthday lunch this year so fingers crossed a family member is reading this.

Final Verdict: I think that this is a fab place to try at least once. There’s something for everyone be it whether you’re going on a date, a family meal or just a catch up with the gals… or guys (far be it from me to be sexist).

Check out the website here for more info:


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