Four to Follow – August 2017

I shared my thoughts on being six weeks into blogging last week. Now although it’s been an enjoyable journey I feel I didn’t put enough emphasis on the tougher sides of it.

Blogging is tough. Writing is tough. Trying to keep on top of your content if you’re doing weekly posts is not as easy as it sounds in theory especially when you work five days a week and often spend at least one of the two free days hungover. A lot of bloggers I’ve read about have said that they spent a long time doing up numerous articles or content before even going online with their blog. I can safely say – I did not do that. I found that if I didn’t just launch it there and then I’d never do it. While it’s been a great motivator in one way it also leaves me struggling from time to time and doing filler pieces just to make sure I make my weekly quota (don’t ask me which ones just assume it was your least favorite). To counteract this I decided to join some blogging platforms for some #inspo if you will and through that found a host of fantastic writers to draw ideas from.  So many of these blogs have either helped me directly with my own blogging or they’ve just been fun and enjoyable reads.

As always I like to share my lessons and have decided to shout out to four blogs I’ve particular enjoyed these past few weeks. Now I’m probably out of the loop and everyone has heard of or are already following these four girls but I just thought that I’d give you the heads up, in case.

My four to follow for August if you will (I say that as I may make this a monthly thing but don’t want to actually commit to it in case it stresses me out)…

Holy Chic Blog – This is a lifestyle blog with heavy emphasis on fashion and beauty. A thoroughly enjoyable read with fun and original content (at least to me it is anyway). She did a designer dupes post a few weeks ago which I really enjoyed and I seriously hope that more may follow.

An Aesthetic Mind – A lifestyle blog with emphasis on fashion and life lessons. It also includes helpful advice for bloggers as well as just tips on life in general. How to stop caring what people think of you has become my mantra to a degree as I read it at a time where I had just started my own blog and was feeling a bit sensitive over what everyone would make of it.

My Face or Yours – A beauty blog that offers genuine reviews on products to do with skincare, haircare and beauty. The analysis is always very informative and include the price as well as product details and honest feedback. I’ve found her skincare section to be the most helpful especially the piece about Lipcare.

The Tully Tales – It’s mainly a lifestyle blog with a significant focus on parenthood and travel, not one that I’d have been drawn to naturally since I don’t have any kids and my idea of travel would be a trip to see the girls in London for a weekend. However, through the power of blogging networks I found that she also provides some excellent advice to new bloggers on how to make the most of their content and use of their site. It’s been really helpful since I started this and as she’s also fairly fresh to the scene it’s made me trust her advice as she’s not an expert so when she says something is easy to use – I believe her.

So there you have it – you should have a goo on the sites and form your own opinion. Or if you’ve any blogs you’d recommend for me to have a look at I’d love to hear about them. Just sound off in the comments.

Having fun?

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