Blogging – 6 things I’ve learned so far…

So, I’m six weeks in and I’m quite proud to be able to say that I’ve stuck to it. A post per week. My main goal has been completed. While It’s not been easy, it also hasn’t been as difficult as I thought it would be. I think that’s in part down to my joy of writing but also due to the good feedback I’ve received from the (handful) of kind folk that have taken the time to read my dribble.

Still though, like every aspiring writer I have experienced some frustrations. I’ve learned a few lessons and so like everything, I thought I’d share below some of the little gems I’ve come away with:

  1. I’m not tech savvy – ahem, you may have noticed my site isn’t particularly decorative. My apologies for this but I am not what you may call the most technologically gifted. I’ve avoided decorating as basically I’m too afraid to fiddle with it in case it breaks. I once changed the background only to realize I’d deleted the entire site… maybe my goal in the next six weeks will be to master the art of a theme.

2. My domain name is shite –ugh seriously, anyone else think it looks like the bloody Shelbourne? It’s been driving me mad. I lack creativity when it comes to decent names and when the inspiration came upon me to start a blog I figured I needed to act fast before I changed my mind and moved onto another project. I’ve considered changing it but as per above, the lack of technological savvy has prevented me from delving too much into it. I’ve a better name in my head so who knows, if I can find an uncomplicated way of doing a name change (or If someone would like to do it for me) then maybe it will be considered.

3. Nobody gives a darn about my opinions on Fair City – but you know what? Eff it. I don’t care. I like writing about it and will continue to do so…. Once it picks up a bit. Right now it’s so brutal I’m finding all my energy goes into just watching it. But if the mood strikes me, I’ll write about it because it’s already out there that I’m watching it and that I care so what else do I have to lose. This brings me to my next point.

4. Stop caring what people think – just go for it. Put yourself out there. What I’m trying to say though is that yes, there’s certain part of me that’s mortified anytime I post my latest blog on Facebook as though I’m some sort of professional but in order to properly do this project I’ve had to just swallow my pride and go for it. Week by week my mortification ceases a little. I’ve even created a twitter account which I now use to talk mostly about Fair City about important current events.

5. People enjoy an oul rant – especially about today’s young’uns and weddings – they were my two biggest reads so far so I’ll be sure to do more.

6. Importance of maintaining inspiration – this is crucial, especially if your aim is to post something once a week. It can get difficult. I’ve taken to jotting down any ideas I have as they come to me as I find I’ll only end up forgetting them otherwise.

As a bonus I thought I’d also throw in one of the biggest frustrations I’ve experienced..

When people like my Instagram post about my latest blog piece but never actually read it… it really grinds my gears but then what am I expecting when I’m trying to advertise on picture site. I’m finally getting into the insta stories though so maybe after that I’ll master the “swipe up to read my latest post” thing all the professionals seem to be able to do.

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