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I’ve recently started the dreaded “wedding diet”. Nothing too drastic but to support my new healthier lifestyle I’ve tried to keep an eye out for cleaner places to lunch. Healthy lifestyles are the latest fad these days and there’s plenty of them to go around but I think you need to do your research first to ensure you end up going to the right venue that ensures you’ll end up with a dish you like and not just a bowl of quinoa with some cashew nuts to decorate.

After much research (aka a quick scroll through instagram), I decided that our restaurant of choice would be Honest to Goodness. It was a Saturday. We were doing some light pre-holiday shopping in town and rather than make our usual trip to Lemon we instead turned the opposite direction and headed for Dame Street.

The restaurant is hidden on a little side road surrounded by other pubs. The area is full of life – you’ll have to excuse the shite picture, I’m still trying to get the hang of taking my own pictures and not missing half of what I’m aiming for.


Wanting to be honest (no pun intended) the below recap is our feedback based on one experience only.

Here’s a quick rundown of what I thought:

Food: Yum, I thought so anyway. We went for lunch and after a hard morning dragging himself around the shops it’s safe to say that I was starving. I had looked at the menu in advance and decided to try the Legend Salad. Filled with plenty of greens as well as cherry tomatoes, toasted pumpkin seeds and chicken, it was tasty and just the right amount food to ensure I didn’t leave feeling over stuffed.

Price: Reasonable. Not expensive. 10 for my salad. 9.50 for his omelette.

Staff: Nice and friendly.

Disappointments: While I enjoyed my salad, himself wasn’t mad on the food or the ambience. Not sure if I’d put this down to the restaurant though, it was a different setting then what we’re used to. Less polished but I would think that’s what the regular customers like about it. Not that we usually dine out in the Shelbourne or anything.

I will put in that the bathroom facilities were filthy. Gross actually. Easily the biggest let down of the experience and I’m only glad I didn’t use them until right before I left. Sort it out lads – honest to god(ness) – pun was 100% intended there.

Ideal For: Brunching – with big groups or small groups. It’s even a good place to meet for a coffee or tea and a chat. I haven’t had dinner there but the Honest pizza though looks delicious so I may eventually go back to try that.

Final Verdict: I enjoyed it… but I didn’t love it. I know it may sound pedantic but the bathroom facilities were just too gross for me not to be put it off. It’s amazing how everything can be perfect until one small oversight puts you off the entire experience.

So there you have it, not my favourite but not the worst in Dublin either. Maybe try it and then tell me if you agree or if you think I need my head checked and that its a fabulous eatery.


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