Hello world!

Just another self indulgent blog… or at least that’s what I’m aiming for.

In all honesty, I don’t know what I want this to be yet. What I do know is that I’m trying to be more proactive in what has become a monotonous lifestyle of eat, work, sleep, repeat and rather than join a sport (tried that already, hated it)I thought I’d throw my hand to writing. Stretch my creative mind if you will. I enjoyed writing in school, English was one of the few subjects I could stay awake in so I assumed that this would be easy. It had to be, right?


Writing is not easy. Especially when you’ve absolutely nothing to write about. It’s like your mind goes blank. I did exams in May and of course my mind was full of everything I would do once I didn’t have to spend everyday with my head in a book (it was two weeks but whatever). While dreaming of my future days that would be devoid of study I thought about all the great stuff I’d write about and imagined that everyone would be enthralled by what I had to say. Everything is easy when it’s hypothetical. The reality is always so much harder.

Still, not to be deterred I’ve decided to challenge myself by writing something every week – no matter how small. Worst case scenario I get booed off wordpress. Best case is that I find my stride and actually write some stuff of interest. I mean really it can’t be any worse then my #chefshel attempts at cooking on instagram (anybody who knows me on instagram will know what I mean). Like everyone in the world I of course have lots to share. I suppose my main concern is whether I have anything to offer that would interest people.

Right now I’ll stick to writing about everyday normal drivel. I’ll be honest and admit that I probably don’t lead the most exciting lifestyle. I work long hours, am addicted to the soaps (yes, even Fair City) and love my home comforts. However I am getting married in September, planning this wedding, attending a dozen other weddings all the whilst trying to save for a house with the other half. These all bring about your standard everyday struggles, the rat race as some may call it. It’s a position that I imagine most people at this stage of life can relate to so I’m hoping that by writing about my experiences I may get some feedback answers from other poor eejits that like me, are making it up as they go along.

So there you have it, that’s the plan set in stone. We’ll see how it goes.

Having fun?

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