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What to Watch – November 2017

November is nearly among us. Clocks have gone back which means our days are shorter. This gives us a guilt free pass to watch as much television as we like. There’s hundreds of shows airing […]

Blogger Recognition Award

I am soooo late to the game with this. I was only delira to be asked to do this back in August but of course I was in full wedding swing and had to wind […]

Welcome Back Me!

So welcome back me… for anyone who didn’t notice I took a little sabbatical from the oul blogging in order to you know.. get married. Obviously I didn’t plan to abandon the blog for so […]

Four to Follow – September 2017

As you may recall last month I gave a shout out to four bloggers  whose sites I had found and truly enjoyed within my first six weeks of blogging. I’ve decided to do the same […]

Food Review – Bijou

Well, tis that time of month again where I throw in a food review of one of the local eateries I’ve recently dined out in. This months pick is Bijou, a restaurant located in the […]

What to Watch – September 2017

Anybody who knows me will understand how much I love television. I watch a lot of it which of course makes it sound like I do nothing else but thanks to the magic of the […]

Five Times Carrie Bradshaw was an Asshole

Sex and the City was a big part of my youth (well, late teens and twenties). Midway through the journey though I realized I was more so there for the other characters then I was […]

Four to Follow – August 2017

I shared my thoughts on being six weeks into blogging last week. Now although it’s been an enjoyable journey I feel I didn’t put enough emphasis on the tougher sides of it. Blogging is tough. […]

Blogging – 6 things I’ve learned so far…

So, I’m six weeks in and I’m quite proud to be able to say that I’ve stuck to it. A post per week. My main goal has been completed. While It’s not been easy, it […]

Food Review – Honest to Goodness

I’ve recently started the dreaded “wedding diet”. Nothing too drastic but to support my new healthier lifestyle I’ve tried to keep an eye out for cleaner places to lunch. Healthy lifestyles are the latest fad […]