A Day Out with Pippa

A Day Out with Pippa

So, anyone who knows me will be aware that I’m a bit of a Pippa stan to say the least.

Basically I think she’s great. Her style, her manner and her business sense are all traits to be admired. I’m the proud owner of a Pippa Planner as well as about 50 pairs of Pocos – I’m going to hold out on the candle until I’m in the new house as I feel lighting one up in my shoebox of an apartment would just be an embarrassment for both me and the candle.

I’ve been wanting to go to one of her fashion factories for as long as I can remember but the tickets always felt like gold dust. My sister actually tried to get us two for my 30th last year but despite being online and ready before 10am the morning they went on sale she was still unsuccessful.

My luck changed this year (as did the demand I assume) when myself and a friend were able to secure ourselves tickets to May’s Dublin show in the Radisson Blu. Having been such a fan for so long I was naturally a bit nervous that we were finally going. You know when you admire someone from a distance for so long and then you get to see one of their events up close and personal, there’s always the risk of a let down. It was your standard first world problem really – would Pippa’s Fashion Factory live up to it’s hype? Or would I have to find myself a new idol.


Seriously girls I mean it, it’s such a fun day out.

We were greeted on arrival with a fabulous goody bag, the contents of which I went through on Instagram and snapchat – go easy on me on me for that by the way, I felt as big an eejit doing it as I’m sure I looked but sure eff it, I thought you’d want to know what was in them.

The main room where the event was taking place was beautifully decorated and because we were early we were able to pick a seat that gave us a perfect view of the stage. (On a side note if you’re going – go early – nobody wants to be that numpty arriving in 15 minutes late and who can’t find a seat with their mates because they’re all taken). There were cookies, tea and little shots of breakfast smoothies laid out for all the guests to enjoy as it was 10am and only early – after politely sipping on coffees for an obligatory few minutes we decided we’d been cordial long enough and headed to the bar for some pink gin.

The show kicked off with some spot prizes, under certain seats was an envelope marked winner. A lovely touch – and I say that because we won – well, my friend won so naturally I claimed half the prize. A voucher for a platter and cocktail carafe – we’d be set for dinner anyway.

The first half of the show consisted with a tan demo in which I picked up lots of tips and tricks especially around the hands and feet area, a clothing lesson in which she showed us knacks to make a simple outfit stand out and ended with a fashion show highlighting clothing ranges from River Island, Coast, Pretty Little Thing and of course her own Poco range.

We broke for lunch for an hour and enjoyed some afternoon tea – i’ll admit the greedy suspicious side of me was concerned that there wouldn’t be enough to go around as we were sitting at a table with eight other women. I didn’t know them, they didn’t know me so I was going to have to be mannerly which always irritates me when it comes to sharing food but I need not have worried, we were well fed and by the time the staff rolled around with coffee I was quite grateful for my oversized blazer.

The second half kicked off with a makeup demonstration with Tara Farrell. At this point in the day I was about six sandwiches, a gin and a half a bottle of champagne in so it took me a while to get focused. Once I did though I learned a hell of a lot. There’s so much work that goes into making up your face and I’m always wishing I had more of a talent as well as genuine interest for it. Also very randomly, did anybody know that when it comes to the names of makeup brushes that F is for Face and E is for eyes? I certainly didn’t. From the collective “ahhhhh” from the audience neither did they. Our final talk of the day was with the Skin Nerd Jennifer Rock and my god, I have never listened to someone talk so passionately about skin. She spoke about cleansing routines, hydration and skin health with such a vigour that all I wanted to do afterwards was scrub my face and promise to never hurt it again.

As closing time approached Pippa finished off with some more prizes for best dressed, best Instagram and best tweet and before we knew it, it was all over.

Tickets are 100 euro but are they worth it?

In short, I think it depends on what you’re into. I like Pippa, I like clothes and of course I always jump at the chance to learn life’s greatest lessons such as how to tan ones feet properly. A couple of people gasped when I told them the price of the tickets so I’m guessing it’s not somewhere you’re going to end up accidentally. If you’re looking for a bargain then this probably isn’t for you but sure eff it, sometimes it’s nice to splurge on the superficial things. These kind of events are all about having the craic with your pals and in that respect it didn’t disappoint. Go with the right people and that way you can make the most of it, I certainly did. For our 100 euro we got a good bag with items that probably added up to 20 or 30 euro, afternoon tea, snacks and given how engaging she is with the audience there’s every chance you’ll win a prize.



Having fun?

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