5 Benefits of a Wedding Decorator

5 Benefits of a Wedding Decorator


When we first got engaged (2 years ago last week) I had this idea that once we had chosen a venue I would handle all the decorating myself. Lacking the gift of creativity and any sort of imagination this was going to be a challenge. While searching for my wedding dress I learned the following about myself – I’m more of an ideas gal…  I have a vague idea of what I want the end result to be but need someone else to envision and bring it to life. After a few weeks of buying magazines and letting them collect dust I decided that I was in over my head and needed to seek help.

Using a recommendation from a friend I contacted Finesse Weddings, a bespoke wedding and decor service based in Kildare. They also worked in conjunction with our hotel so came highly recommended all around. I was a little cautious in the beginning as I was under strict instructions from himself (heh) not to go overboard. I compromised that I wouldn’t go too overboard but nonetheless I was still a bit wary about whether or not this was something I really needed. I can say with absolute certainty that using this service was an excellent decision. I’d actually go as far as to say that I found it to be a necessity.


Obviously not everyone would see the need for this, especially the more creatively advanced folk. The ones who love decorating themselves and don’t break out into a cold sweat at the idea of a pinterest mood board (I do not get pinterest). Others may like the idea of it but still might see it as an unnecessary expense. Really though, you can just weigh up the advantages against the disadvantages and in my case I found that the pros outweighed any cons, take these five points as a summary of the benefits;

  1. They get the job done and more – While my initial thought of someone who did the decor was that they would mainly cover flowers, they actually do so much more then that. Finesse decorated our church providing flowers for the altar, pew ends and setting out beautiful lanterns that added so much warmth, they also provided a wonderful backdrop for the reception that gave it a Disney like ballroom feel. If that wasn’t enough, they kitted out the wedding party with bouttainaires and corsages. It’s really a service that covers your for the day.
  2. They’re supportive – I found that Mary ended up one of my most favourite suppliers to deal with. Friendly and full of ideas she was able to take my vague notions (I hadn’t a clue what I wanted just that there had to be burgundy in it) and turn it into the beautiful affair that it was. A picture says a thousand words and I think all these pictures cover how brilliant she is at her job. She never lost patience with me nor did she bat an eyelid when my now husband practically fell asleep standing at one of our meetings. (Rookie error, I brought my mother to the next meeting).
  3. They set the tone – not the theme, the tone. I’m not into themes for weddings anymore. It’s a mistake and you end up far too focused on that one detail to the point that you can’t concentrate on anything else. Originally I thought I had to go with a theme so I went with Autumnal – by the time I’d turned against the idea I had already invested in too much burgundy so you could argue the Autumnal stayed with us. Putting that aside though our backdrop alone transformed the dining room, giving it an elegant and palace like feel. We could have left it at that and said our theme was simply classy.
  4. Nobody else needs to get involved – without professional help the decor can fall into being a job for you and your nearest and dearest. While everyone has good intentions the last week of your wedding is such a blur that it’s a big task to expect the few poor souls who get roped into helping to know exactly what you want. You also won’t have the time to oversee it exactly and those fine touches of perfection might end up missing. My lack of creativity runs in the genes so I sought specialists and thankfully I did, I’ll never forget the feeling of walking into that dining room before our guests were brought in and feeling like Cinderella.
  5. Convenience – really, it’s just handy. Convenience just sums up all the above points and more. You have to bring home any decorations you bring to your venue anyway so wouldn’t it be a bonus to have someone arrive, fix it all up for you and then pack it back up once the night is done? It saves a world of pain and you’ll already be hungover enough by the time is comes to leave (I’m not a classless bride, it was the second night that killed me).

So there you have it. I’ll leave you with some nice photos illustrating the beauty of Finesse’s work. Courtesy of our fabulous photographer Annie Kheffache (who I will get to soon).



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