Wedding Videographer – Why You Absolutely Should!

Wedding Videographer – Why You Absolutely Should!

So I promised on my welcome back blog that once I got my head around being an oul married woman I’d give a write up on various aspects of the day and the different suppliers I used.

I’m starting off with the wedding videographer.

Where a wedding video is concerned, opinions can go both ways on whether to get one or not – some people are all for it and want the entire day captured while others consider it to be a waste of money and write it off without a second thought. My opinion has always been of the former while my other half would have originally been for the latter.

After receiving our video back this week, I’ve upgraded a wedding video to a necessity. It’s not just because I love mine (which of course I do) but for a couple of reasons that I hadn’t thought about until watching our day onscreen.

  • Folk aren’t lying when they say the wedding day will fly by. As amazing as our day was, we missed a lot as we were busy playing celebrity and getting pictures taken while all of our guests were mingling. The wedding video provides you with the unique perspective of seeing your day through the eyes of your guests. This includes seeing them chatting, drinking, dancing and generally just having an all around great time. It’s great reassurance to know that everyone was having as much fun as you.
  • Videos can capture what sometimes the camera can’t. The day will be filled with so many big moments that it’s easy to forget a few of them. When I first watched our video it brought back many more funny and emotional moments from the day that had slipped my mind. Watching them back was almost like being in those moments again.
  • The day was so busy that unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to get photos with everybody I’d have liked, mainly members of my family and friends. Seeing them in the video is a reminder of all the important people to me that showed up on the day. The video will always be timeless in that respect. Everyone won’t always be around and so it’s nice to have special moments with them at their best captured.

Also, as if the above reasons weren’t enough, remember that it’s basically a homage to you and your husband. Well let’s be honest, it’s basically a homage to how fabulous the bride is and who doesn’t want a video highlighting how wonderful you are – god knows you’ve earned it after all the planning. If you’re the complete opposite of me not mad for all the focus to be on you then it doesn’t have to be. Just tell your videographer exactly what you want. It’s your design and your day – If they’re as good as they say then they’ll be able to pull if off (within reason). They might also offer up some ideas of how to make it even better, make sure to listen as it will open you up to concepts you hadn’t thought of or might have rolled your eyes at initially.

Of course it won’t always go that smoothly, like any supplier you can be disappointed so make sure when booking that you check out the packages being offered and shop around to make sure that you get yourself the best.

We used Kevin at Little Bear Films. I had the advantage of meeting him through friends around the time that he was first launching his business and I made sure to book him asap. I have no regrets as he was great to work with – both chilled out and professional. As a bonus he hit it off with our wedding photographers so they formed a sort of dream team and we had a great laugh throughout the day. Our package included a five minute highlighted film (below) followed by a documentary style video of the day. It was edited to a breakdown of songs of our choice (the soundtrack to our relationship if you will) along with the ceremony and speeches in full.

In short it was fantastic. I couldn’t recommend him enough.

So there you have it, my opinion on wedding videographers. Before I go I thought I’d pop in our highlight video, partially because I think if any engaged readers are looking at this then it will absolutely sway you towards booking one. Also partially because I’m just conceited and want to show it off.


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